How to start a heists in Grand Theft Auto 5?

Earn money is very difficult in real life but also difficult in games too. For this, you will do some robbery in games but didn’t allow in reality, that’s fair enough. As we know that we have to spend a lot of money in GTA 5 to purchase stocks or other different things. So we didn’t have much money in our account we will be looking for how to make more money in GTA 5. We left an option for this to do some robbery in this game to get some money in our account to purchase cars or whatever we want in GTA 5.

There are a lot of ways to make money in GTA 5 but the best one is doing heist to make some quick money. There are many shortcuts but no money cheats for GTA 5 are available to make or earn money in this game. We are going to mention some GTA 5 money heist, just choose one of them and apply to get some more money to spend wherever you want.

the big score GTA 5 Heist

Here is all Grand Theft Auto 5 Single Player Heists List:

  1. The Paleto Score
  2. The Merryweather Heist
  3. The Big Score
  4. The Jewel Store Job
  5. The Bureau Raid

You will choose any of them and apply in your game, also you will try different heist too.

How to Start A Heist in GTA 5?

Following are the methods to do a heist, just follow them and enjoy the money:

Heist 1: The Paleto Store

You can choose Rickie Lukens as your hacker because other hackers may have more time than him. He will give you the perfect amount of time for this and another heist too.

In this heist, you will lose money whenever you or your crew member hit by bullets in your back. You just start with the maximum amount of $8,016,020.

You can choose Packie McReary but before choosing him you have to unlock him by helping him in the robbery then he will available for you. To minimize the loss you have to choose Packie McReary as your gunman because he has good stats than other hackers otherwise you will choose Chef too. Both will cost you 2% in your heist money.

There are other hackers too, like Norm Richards or Daryl Johns for this heist but they will force you to leave them behind when doing the robbery. You will get their shares too for higher take. If you want to do this we will suggest you pick Daryl Johns as your gunman and left him behind as Norm Richards will be good to use for the final heist. For doing this you will be happy to have more money in your account.

Score: The total take will be around $8 million and almost around $440K going to each character Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

Heist 2: The Merryweather Heist

We can’t say anything about this heist because it is very complex in doing and after completing this one you will face some glitches in your game. So don’t recommend to use this, if you have an easy way to do this then write a comment about it to help our readers.

Score: $0

Heist 3: The Big Score

In this GTA 5 the big score, there are 2 options A or B has given to you for this heist, for the maximum money then we recommend you to choose option B. You can make $41,664,000 per character by choosing option B.

We recommend you to choose Taliana Martinez as your first rider for helicopter and Karim Denz as your second driver who drives the train. Taliana Matinez takes 5% commission in whole money and you just take 2 cheap gunmen for this the big score GTA 5 most money heist.

If you choose option A, the maximum amount you can make around $34,892,000 per character. In this, you have to choose Taliana Martinez and Karim Denz as your drivers. You can choose 2 gunmen from Packie McReary, Chef, Norm Richards & Daryl Johns any of them. You can save more money in this heist by choosing Rickie Lukens as your hacker.

Score: Trevor, Michael, and Franklin each should get over $41 million!! this is a huge amount.

Heist 4: The Jewel Store Job

Also in this GTA 5 jewelry heist to you have 2 option. A or B. Option B is smart that’s why we recommend you to choose this one.

Take Rickie Lukens as your hacker because he has good stats in Heist 1 and also he provides you to the maximum amount of time. Other hackers may not give you more amount of time for this job.

As for your gunman, you should choose to unlock and choose Packie McReary by completing his optional encounter. He needs a guy to rob a store and so you should help him. Once you work with him and helped him to rob the store when he is available you for any heist. He is 2% cheaper than Gustavo Mota and also more efficient than him. If you take Norm Richards as your gunman instead of anyone then he will crash during the getaway. After crashing you can grab his bag of cash too, which will give you more money but you will be lost Norm and you are not allowed to take him or more heist.

Take Karim Denz as your driver because the chase sequence will be more difficult, but he takes less of your money and he is a good driver too.

If you choose option A instead of B, then take Eddie Toh as your driver because he will get you more money $4,946,153 which is the highest possible amount but he will take 6% of it which is more than anyone. You will be leaving money for $1,076,304 for Michael and $293,539 for Franklin but if you take Karim Denz then this much you will not get.

Score: Total take should be $5 million with around $1.2 million going to Michael and $300K going to Franklin.

Heist 5: The Bureau Raid

So this one also has 2 options A or B like another heist too. As well as option B we will choose this time too because it has a Roof Entry.

Just take Rickie Lukens as your hacker, by using the other good hacker will have no effect in this heist and you will select Norm Richards as your gunman because he is not taking any commission.

As for your driver, we will recommend you to select Taliana Martinez but before you have to unlock her like you unlocked Packie McReary in the previous heist. Taliana got hit in some random encounter and you have to help her by saving her life by driving to Sandy Shores in time.

Now she is available, select her because she is a good driver and also 9% cheaper than Eddie Toh’s. On this heist she will wait for you in the ambulance, so you didn’t follow by police. If you followed by police at any time you just use the lower wanted cheats for GTA 5 to lower your wanted level.

Karim Denz also available for this heist too if you don’t want her to unlock, select him as a driver. He was also an ambulance so you don’t fear the police. Otherwise, you will need to escape the police in a van.

If you choose option A over B, then you will not get significantly less money than in Option B. But Norm Richards will die if you take him and he is very good for this last heist. Take Packie McReary and Gustavo Mota instead of others.

Score: Franklin will receiving around $240K and Michael will get nothing.

GTA 5 Heists Guide


There is a lot of option in the above-mentioned heist and you will choose which one you like. Our recommendation is Heist 3 & 4 because in this you will make more money than others. There are also cheats for GTA 5 available in which you can choose & apply them which one you like.

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