Best GTA 5 Mods Free Download For 2021

GTA 5 Mods introduced after the launch of this game in 2015 and they are still hot in the gaming industry. This is the hit game of the decade but Rockstar games didn’t allow modding on it. Many modders develop their own mods to enjoy and spend more and more time. But don’t worry we are providing some very good mods from below provided links. But these modding are only played on single-mode, not allowed on multiplayer mode. You can easily get these mods from below enlisted GTA 5 mods. All mods are free & secure to download, if any inconvenience, comment us, Decidel Team will resolve the issue.

GTA 5 Mods

Best GTA 5 Mods Reviews:

There are many mods available for GTA 5 especially most of them only for PC because it is easy to download and install mods on the PC version of this game GTA 5. If you are curious about how you can add, get & do mods on GTA 5 then you are at the very right place. We are going to tell you about very easy methods. These mods will only work on single mods and it is confirmed by rockstar games that they will not gonna ban anyone who is using these mods on the single-mode version. But GTA 5 Mods for PS4 and GTA 5 Mods for PS3 are the different types of mods but those mods you can also find in below mentioned all mods. Similar to GTA 5 Xbox One & Xbox 360 are also different from PC mods and you have to install with different methods.

Please be confirm that when you are using these mods don’t connect with GTA online otherwise your game will be ban by rockstar games.

Which GTA 5 Mod is best for you?

Before we start this you just need to know how to get install GTA 5 Mods after this you can choose any of them. Are you excited to explore the best mods for GTA 5 pc then start reading from below:

Complex Control Mod:

As we all now after Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite from Epic Games is one of the hit games these days in the gaming industry and it is a very hot topic to play the Fortnite game on GTA 5. So we found a Complex control mod for it which looks like you are playing official Fortnite. So have a look to a video below that how this mod looks like:

If you want to download this mod, then click below the link.

 Complex Control Mod For GTA 5 Download Free

Natural Vision Remastered

Really inspired by visual graphics of Forza Horizon 3 and Watch Dogs, this mod has amazing visuals for GTA 5. When you play GTA 5 in this mod, you will be amazed at how the creator of this mod, Razed the creator, has compiled this in very creative form by spending more than 50 days on this successful project. So have a look in below video how this mod looks like:

If you like this mod then you can also download from below provided links.

 Natural Vision Remastered GTA 5 Mod Download Free

HD Universe Carl Johnson

As we all know GTA San Andreas is one the best game for PS2 graphics because it is the first game in HD which is only available at that time for PS2. The main reason behind the hit of GTA San Andreas its, “Carl Johnson” or “C.J”. But Grand Theft Auto 5 has also developed in the same area and if you really want to play San Andreas on GTA 5 then you need “HD Universe Carl Johnson” Mod essentially allows you to take experience from San Andreas into this GTA 5. You can also do some modification like tattoos on arms, as you can do in GTA San Andreas. So have a look in below video that what is included in this GTA 5 Mod.

If you really enjoy this mod then you can download from below provided links.

 HD Universe Carl Johnson For GTA 5 Mod Free Download

After Hours SP

This mod brings GTA Online nightclub to the GTA 5’s update to singleplayer mode. Once you can install this mod you can select decor and DJ within their clubs to make a party with real-time feeling by activating menu at reception but you cannot promote their venues at the same time as you can do in multiplayer mode. Which is most probably a good thing in the game but it is not available in single player mode. After installing “After Hours SP” on GTA 5 you can select music at your own choice to enjoy the party. You can check below in the video that how Franklin is enjoying the music in this GTA 5 Mod.

If you really enjoyed the dance moves of Franklin dance on custom songs then you can download it from below provided links.

 After Hours SP Mod for GTA 5 Free Download

If you are curious about that how you will be playing Mario on Grand Theft Auto V then its good to know that Mario and his pals are coming to GTA 5 with the help of mod named as “Super Mario Plumbers”. Now complete with Classic Super Mario Bros. sound effects you are free to explore the Los Santos city with its main characters like Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. You can enjoy more troubles then the Mushroom Kingdom would ever allow. Now check below video that how they irritate the pedestrians and beat up by them.

By playing this mod you can enjoy more than watching this mod. You can get this Mod from below links.

 Super Mario Plumbers Mod For GTA 5 Pc Free Download

Iron Man Mark 50

Are you sure you really want this on Grand Theft Auto 5 as a mod besides you already have very destructive ammo, planes, and any kind of explosive material. This suit is worn by tony stark in Avengers: infinity war, it includes wings that transform it into planes and also including different types of weapons. If you face the wrath of Thanos in the streets of Los Santos you must become a walking weapon for him. Watch below video to know more about “Iron Man Mark 50” Mod for GTA 5.

 Iron Man Mark 50 GTA 5 Mod Free Download

Incredible Hulk Script

As you really inspired by Hulk movies then you will be happy that Incredible Hulk is now available on GTA 5 as a mod. Hulk tearing Los Santos by its huge size and its fearful wind, police, and peoples were beaten by him very badly. So let’s check it out in below video how much is destructive in GTA 5 for the city of Los Santos.

If you enjoyed and then you can also download this mod from below provided links.

 Incredible Hulk Script Mod for GTA 5 Free Download

Funny Vehicles Pack

Really this mod only for enjoyment in GTA 5,  if you are enough bored then you must need this mod for the next level entertainment. If you are inspired by the movie Mad Max Furry then you need this as entertainment. This mod is full of enjoyment with a lot of funny moments, let’s check it out from below video that how this mod is funny, in this GTA 5 best cars also included.

Are you really feeling funny while watching this mod, then just assume how it look like when you play. You can download also from below provided links.

 Funny Vehicles Pack For GTA 5 Mods Download Free


Are you excited to control the whole city of Los Santos? Then you must need this mod in which a person can control the whole city with the damage a lot of personnel with telekinetic abilities. With this mod, you are free to float around the city, damaged dozens of cars and peoples, sending tons of cars towards the sky and don’t need to know where it will land safely or explode in the air. Hurting your enemies with every different angle will be applied. Let’s check it out in below video how much city damaged by using this mod.

Yes, this much city will be damaged by in single mod, you can experience yourself by playing it. You can get this mod from below provided links.

 Psychokinetic Mod for GTA 5 Fre Download

Marlowe Valley Safehouse

This mod turns Marlowe Valley into an expensive safehouse that also happens to have an airport and adjacent runway. With garages consisting of tuning storage and parking areas to store more than 50 automobiles. Marlowe Valley turns into a hideout match for an excessive roller. There’s even an army bunker, rental, and a garden area designed for festivities. This mod needs first Menyoo mod menu to make it work. Let’s explore in below video.

I hope you like this video so decided to download this mod, links are provided below.

 Marlowe Valley Safehouse GTA 5 Mod Free Download

Liberty City

The freedom metropolis mod turns the arena of GTA V into GTA 3, resetting the sports map as Grand theft Auto IV’s Liberty town. The mod is currently in Alpha and therefore has a few kinks that need to be labored out. It’s an exciting experiment this is clearly really worth finding out for the ones interested by returning to the enduring Liberty town. Let’s check it more in below video.

If you want to get this mod on your pc then you can download it from below provided link.

 Liberty City Mod for GTA 5 Download Now


GTA V has a wealthy, open-world narrative, but it remains fairly linear in the course of. The GTA V RPG mod provides a non-linear tale and talent development system that makes it sense toward Fallout than Grand theft auto. For starters, you may select between 3 man or woman instructions. As you progress via missions using the mod’s quest device, you operate talent bushes to improve your man or woman and weapons. There’s even talk bushes with NPCs, and randomly-generated loot and gadgets. Are you excited to play this mod then first watch the video?

As you liked this mod and want to play then you can download from below provided link.

 GTA RPG Mod For GTA V Download Free

The Red House

If you discover that replaying single player missions is growing stale, The Red residence mod capabilities an abundance of latest content to stave off boredom. The mod adds more than 20 missions to the sport, along with a brand new heist. A few missions even encompass NPC bodyguards that help you to your endeavors. A replace, called the “Blue House,” introduced a fixed of stealth-oriented missions to the mod. All in all, the undertaking variety is stable, and nicely worth it slow. How it look like in a mod then checks it out in below video.

Have you enjoyed this mod, then download from below links and play.

 The Red House GTA 5 Mod Free Download

Open All Interiors

Are you tired of not being able to enter the Sandy seashores sheriff branch or some other locked buildings? The Open All Interiors mod gives you a full variety of getting admission to the ones formerly off-limits places. What’s a maximum incredible part is that the mod repopulates some of these areas, even those which were eliminated earlier than launch and never meant to be seen. More explore in the below video.

As you enjoyed a lot this mod you can download it from below provided links.

 Open All Interiors Mod For GTA 5 Free Download

Map Editor

Your wish is your command with this GTA V map editor. With using a loose-roaming cam, you can effortlessly place cars, ramps, or even animals for the duration of Los Santos, then hop in and play along with your experiments. It’s a robust tool with a myriad of alternatives, however nice of all, it’s intuitive and simple to use. How its look like checking it out in below video.

If you like this mod then you can easily download this from below links.

 Map Editor Mod For GTA 5 Free Download

Pedestrian Riot

GTA: San Andreas had a cheat that made pedestrians move bonkers. It turned into hilarious to observe. Predictably, an intrepid modder has gone out of his way to re-create that enjoy. With the turn of a switch, you could send everyone into madness, growing chaos wherever you cross. The mod offers them weapons, too, so be cautious! watch more in the below video.

Are you excited to play this mod then you can download it from below links and enjoy it.

 Pedestrian Riot GTA 5 Mod Download Free

Field Of View

For the first time ever inside the collection, GTA V gives a first-person mode. Away from a tack-on, Rockstar placed loads of attempt into making it work just like an actual first-person shooter. One issue they neglected, even though, is dynamic subject-of-view adjustment. The default FOV is a chunk slim, which makes a few players experience claustrophobic, and others movement ill. With this mod you can alternate the FOV to anything placing is relaxed for you.

Download this special mod to enjoy more in the Grand Theft Auto 5 then you get this mod from below provided links.

 Field Of View Mod for GTA 5 Download Free

Bodyguard Menu

Why go it on my own, whilst you can have a team backing you up? This mod can spawn a ramification of NPCs who will follow you around and assist you in something you’re doing. You can command them to do your bidding, or just stand around in-formation searching difficult. Up to seven bodyguards will comply with you, however, you may nonetheless spawn greater after that. The growing a military just when you rouse up a 4-star police score may be a literal rebellion. Check it out how it looks like in the below video.

If you like this mod then you can download it from below provided links.

 Bodyguard Menu GTA 5 Mods Download Free

Police Mod

Why does Grand theft vehicle anticipate you want to be a criminal? With this mod, you may act because of the long arm of the law. It lets you skin yourself as a cop, spawn an associate, select a police vehicle, and concentrate on a police scanner. You can’t pull over motors or move on missions just but. With a bit of luck so that it will be feasible in destiny variations. Want to know more, check it out below the video.

If you enjoy this mod while watch, then become a policeman in GTA 5 as you watch. Download links are provided below.

 Police Mod For GTA 5 Download Free / Alternative Link

Heist Vehicle Spawn Naturally

Heists are a famous function in GTA V’s online mode. A lot of them consist of specific motors. However what in case you’re no longer interested in online play, and nonetheless want to use the cars? This mod helps you to do just that. It doesn’t just provide them to you off the bat, even though; they spawn in positive regions for you to discover. Or in case you just want to leap in, you can view the modder’s list of locations, the video is attached if you want to know more.

Do you need the cars to spawn naturally in your game then you can download it from below provided links.

 Heist Vehicle Spawn Naturally GTA 5 Mods Free Download

Army at Five Stars

In past GTA games, accomplishing the highest wanted stage resulted in the army being unleashed to seek you down. This isn’t the case in GTA 5. The worst competition you’ll ever face is a SWAT team and the FIB. This mod we could the military be a part of the chase once more, coincidentally giving the player a higher threat to hijack army cars. Check the video for more.

You can also play like this, download it from below provided links.

 Army At Five Stars Mod For GTA 5 Free Download

Reaper mod

Thoughts you, we have were given not anything towards blimps, however, would not Los Santos deserve something a piece greater interesting haunting its airspace? The Reaper mod replaces the same old blimp with the intimidating alien spacecraft from the Mass impact series. Accurate good fortune indoctrinating Trevor. You can also update the blimps with big name Destroyers from megastar Wars if it’s your jam.

Get this mod from below provided links and enjoy it.

 Reaper Mod For GTA 5 Free Download

Raven Rock

The Raven Rock mod plops a wholly new island on your map. Don’t plan your vacation yet, even though, because it’s already been occupied by way of the military. There’s a runway for jets, helipads, a submarine bay, and lots and plenty of squaddies. It requires a map editor script. If you are curious more to know this mod then watch below the video.

Did you enjoyed a lot then download it from below provided links.

 Raven Rock GTA 5 Mod Free Download

Railroad engineer

Trains are the unstoppable juggernauts of the GTA 5 universe, however, now you may be placed on an engineer’s cap and drive ’em, crash ’em, and even derail ’em (sooner or later!) with the Railroad Engineer mod. All aboard for a few main destructions. Works with commuter trams as well as the freight trains. Let’s check it out this mod in the below video.

If you want to play this mod then you can download it from below provided links.

 Railroad engineer GTA 5 Mod Free Download

Extra single-player garages

So many cars, so few places to store them. This mod adds over a dozen new garages to the game, so your favorite cars will never be out of reach out and you don’t need to snatch any car. Check it out in below video for making sure how much you can store cars.

You might like these all cars in your garage in GTA 5 then you can download it from below links.

 Extra Single Player Garages Mod For GTA 5 Free Download

Knight Rider

Fanatics of the display Knight Rider will fondly recall the speaking, self-fusing, indestructible Pontiac Firebird. The Knight Rider mod brings KITT to lifestyles in Los Santos. Summon KITT, carry out turbo boosts, a force on wheels, and listen to him communicate. It even includes the Ford Mustang version of KITT from the quick-lived 2008 series.

You want to become a knight rider in GTA 5 then you can download it from below provide links.

 Knight Rider Mod For GTA 5 Free Download


Boost Los Santos with the aid of adding some sweet pop-tradition eye-candy. The Statues mod provides looming sculptures to the city, inclusive of Optimus high, Superman, Captain the united states, a T-Rex, and a widespread Terminator. Enjoy by watching below the video.

You need this transformer in the game then you must download it from the below links.

 Statues GTA 5 Mods Free Download

Crime and Police Rebalance Mod

Ever stealthily whack a person with a silenced pistol, in the absence of witnesses, and in some way the police nonetheless recognize? This Crime and Police Rebalance mod makes some adjustments in your favor. Extra crimes require a residing witness to phone the cops, and the mod also slows down will increase on your wanted level. Watch below video for more information.

Do the crime and police rebalancing in GTA 5 Then download it form links.

 Crime and Police Rebalance GTA 5 Mod Free Download

Ped Chaos script

Looks like the residents of Los Santos have had it with surely being victims of your rampages, and are taking topics and guns into their own fingers. With the Ped Chaos script, everybody inside the city is armed and perilous, and the police officers are nowhere to be observed. Watch citizens go to war with each different or be part of in yourself. Check it out in the video.

Enjoy this chaos in Grand Theft Auto V then download it from below links.

 Ped Chaos Riot GTA 5 Mod Free Download

No Water/Tsunami/Atlantis Mod

Want to play with the sea level in GTA 5? This water mod has got you blanketed, actually, by using giving you the capacity to drown Los Santos in seawater. You could also cast off the sea altogether and pressure around at the dry seabed. Using the experimental ‘loopy waves’ feature can also reason sports crashes, so make certain you read the commands at the mod web page carefully. Check out this gameplay in the below video.

Experience this mod by playing, download it from links.

 No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis GTA 5 Mod Free Download

Fuel script

A whole lot of concept has been positioned into GTA 5’s cars, but what about the cross-juice that continues them walking? Using the gasoline script approach your vehicle will slowly run out of gasoline as you force. It also adds a gas tank meter (just above your minimap) to let you understand whilst you’re low on petrol, which you may fill up by way of visiting a gasoline station or the usage of a jerry can.

Enjoy free fuel by installing this mod, download it from below links.

 Fuel Script GTA 5 Mod Free Download


You can find all these Mods of GTA 5 on PS4 too but there is a problem that you may face some critical errors. We recommend you to not buy any mods from any web portal just download them if worked then you can purchase them. I hope your all concerns about how to mod in GTA 5 are cleared now.

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