GTA 5 Mods PS4 Download incl Story Mode (for Online & Offline)

GTA 5 Modding is not officially announced by Rockstar Games for the PS4 console, but many players want the mods of this game. There are some available about PC but many players also want the GTA 5 Mods on the PS4. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the developers to create some special mods for PS4. But don’t worry we are providing free mods for GTA 5, you can download mods ps4 for online & offline both are from below-provided download links. If you face any problem in downloading & installation of GTA 5 Mods on PS4, you can comment under the post, Decidel team will help you, & make these mods downloadable for you.

How to mod GTA 5 online PS4

How To Do Mods on GTA 5 PS4 With Mod Menu?

GTA 5 Mods is necessarily a massive playground for players to get engage with missions and lost in the game. If you want to attack an airbase or you want to steal a fighter jet, and cruising around the skies with raining down hell. If you’re going to play a round of golf or meet with some theist friends. But you can also enjoy this game by using different cheats of GTA 5 on PS4.

The possibilities nearly have already in GTA V, but installing mods on PS4 can make the game a lot interesting. While the PC mods community is already growing. For the first time player who is not familiar with this. The game is all about the activities developed by the Rockstar Noth gaming company. It was released for Xbox, PC, & Mobile versions also. However, in November 2014 They decided to launch the game for PlayStation 4 (PS4).

This game played either from an FPS(First Person Shooting) or TPS(Third Person Shooting) perspective. You can roam the city with a vehicle or on foot. So, many missions involve shooting and driving. To make this game more engaging for players, the best GTA 5 mods are listed. When you start GTA 5, you will see a people doing street hustling, a terrifying mad psychopath and retired bank workers. Many of them trust others as they start a series of dangerous tasks to survive in society. If you are looking for how to get GTA 5 on PS4 free with code then this is not possible because there is no free version of this game is available for this console, you must buy the game then use them.

Story Mode for GTA 5 PS4

The story behind this mod is that you are provided the story that you have to find the puzzles inside it. We are mentioning the possible way to complete it.

You are with your crew to help each other to save the city from destruction. As threats received from an unknown enemy of town. You and your team must solve the mysteries that protect the city. From these many players curious about how to get mods on GTA 5 PS4 to save their time and complete task to save the city. Mod of the story mode of GTA 5 PS4 will help you to know the story of this version of the Grand Theft Auto series.

gta 5 mod menu ps4 usb download

How To Download & Install GTA 5 Mods on PS4 Online & Offline?

If you want to get and do modding on GTA 5 PS4 then you must follow the below instructions:

You need OpenIV
1. Browse to \Grand Theft Auto V\update.rpf\x64\data\cdimages\scaleform_platform_pc.rpf\
2. Replace the following files:
3. Save the file.
4. DONE!

To use the Touchpad as Key:
INGAME: Goto Options -> Gamepad -> Gamepad-Calibration
Push the Buttons and when it tells you to push the equivalent to “BACK” you push the “Touchpad”.


If the Icons don’t appear and you are sure that you installed all files correctly, then also replace the file at this location: “Grand Theft Auto V\x64b.rpf\data\cdimages\scaleform_platform_pc.rpf\font_lib_efigs_pc.gfx”
In some cases, this is needed. But then it should work 🙂

 GTA 5 Mods PS4 + Mod menu incl Gamepad Icons Free Download


As we provide the above source for getting the mod menu GTA 5 PS4, this one is the authentic and best source for you to get the mods free on your PS4 console. I hope you will enjoy this as you expect this from the game.

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