How To Solve Mission Disrupted in GTA 5 Story Mode Error?

The mission has been disrupted return later to start the mission”, this error is getting most of this game players, & it is very annoying. This error is most common in the Grand Theft Auto 5 story mode, that is your “mission disrupted”. You can fix this issue by following the methods and you will start to attempt different missions in the game.

How to Fix Mission Disrupted in GTA 5 Error?

There are 2 different methods, both will solve your problem and are mentioned below.

Method 1: Moving Away From the Mission Location

To fix this you only need to roam around the city until you will get the “B” that appears on the map. By going towards point “B” if you found any person or vehicle in between then the location “B” will disappear from the map. Just try again & again until you found a place and reach it without any interference from any person or vehicle.

Method 2: Moving towards Mission Location From Taxi

If you don’t have your own vehicle in GTA 5 then you should get a taxi by calling a Downtown Cab Company. When the taxi arrives get in and start the trip, after sometime select the mission’s desired location and select to skip the trip. A taxi will take you to the mission location and you can proceed from there and then you may don’t find the “GTA 5 Disrupted Mission” error.

If you still confuse then watch the

below video for it, you will easily solve this issue.

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