How To Sell Cars in GTA 5?

If you have plenty of GTA 5 cars or you are a professional in finding them, you will think about selling them out or just want to do something else with them. Another possibility is that you might need the money that you can easily get by selling your least favorite cars, which is considered the best way to get your hands on tons of cash and be able to buy anything you want. How you cam sell your car in GTA 5? Well, car selling is not possible in the single-player, for that purpose you have to play the GTA 5 online game. The whole process and steps of car selling with every important detail are illustrated below.

How To Sell Your Cars On GTA 5?

So, if you are interested to know how to sell a car in GTA 5, keep on reading the article.

Step 1: Accessing GTA Online

The first step is to get access to GTA Online. To do that you have to go to the in-game menu by pressing the ESC key from the keyboard or you can press the menu button from your controller.

Now on the right side of the menu, you can see the option of Online. Click on this option and you will eventually get access to the GTA online.

On the off chance that you are a PS4 or an Xbox one user, then you must have the play station plus or else the Xbox live subscription. Otherwise, you would not be able to play GTA Online.

Step 2: Selecting the Character

As you know that the story mode and the online mode are different modes so both these modes have different characters and you need to select your character for these modes separately.

So, to select or choose your character, you need to utilize the directional buttons. If you play the GTA online on the PS4, you need to press the X button.

Similarly, if you play the game on Xbox, you will have to press the A key from your controller. And last but not least, if you play GTA 5 Online on your PC, as most of the players do, you need to press the Enter button from the keyboard.

After that, you will enter the GTA online game. Keep in mind that selecting the character is vital to play the GTA Online game.

Step 3: Finding the car to sell

There is not only one way to find the car to sell. You can either select your car from the garage for selling purposes or else, you can just snatch any car that you like from the roads like a gangster.

All you need to do is to sit in the car and run away and then sell it. Moreover, you can make up to $1000 – $2000 by selling the common cars and more than $9000 by selling stylish and incredible sports cars.

Step 4:  Going to Los Santos Customs

After finding the desired car, you need to rush to the Los Santos Customs which is a cool workshop that transforms your cars into wholly new and amazing-looking cars.

You can also go to the Harmony one, according to your convenience.

Step 5: Entering the Garage

On reaching in front of the Customs shop, you must take your car near its door and it will automatically open for you.

Then you can enter the garage and after that, you will be shown the menu of that customs shop from which you can select various options.

It is noteworthy that you must be free from any kind of wanted level, otherwise, you won’t be able to even enter the garage. So you better keep your criminal record clear.

Step 6: Selecting the option of Sell

Now you need to select the option of Sell from the shop menu. To select that, you can use the Enter key if you are playing on PC.

Otherwise, you will have to use X or A buttons for Play station and Xbox respectively.

Step 7: Selecting the Sell option again

To confirm the command that you want to sell your car, you need to select the sell option once again and ultimately your car will be sold.

The money that you get by selling the car will be eventually added to your own money that is shown on top of the screen.

Also, keep in mind that the money you get from there will be only usable in the Online mode and not the regular story mode.

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Selling the cars in GTA 5 online is a cool feature. It is extremely fun especially when you do it by stealing or snatching the cars from others and that too on the heavy roads of the city.

You can make heaps of money by simply selling basic or sports cars and eventually fulfill your luxurious needs.

So it is a must-try feature and I am sure you will not want to miss this cool one! So do give it a shot and have great fun! Enjoy playing!

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