Grand Theft Auto 5 Lifeinvader Stock Guide

Its a dream of every GTA 5 gamer to have very good money in there accounts so they get to invest in the stock market. But there is also issue that they will face a lot of difficulties in finding the glitch in GTA 5 stock market. So we are here for that, you can invest money in GTA 5 lifeinvader stock and make a billion dollars. How this process will work? Let’s get into it.

GTA 5 stock market lifeinvader

GTA 5 Lifeinvader Stock Mission Who to invest in? – A Guide:

You can make a lot of money like a billion dollars by just following the right method. So that you have to use 3 identical files for Michael. If you are looking to GTA 5 lifeinvader mission who to invest in then you must follow these below-mentioned steps to achieve the good money landmark. So here are the steps, and if anyone can confirm whether or not this actually can work just let us know in the comments:

  1. Save the game and wake up. Check Lifeinvader stock to see if it’s low. And if not, go to bed and save the game again until it is low.
  2. Invest in Lifeinvader.
  3. Sleep and save the game in a new slot. Check portfolio and go back if it’s not gaining profits, by loading the saved game file. Check portfolio again and “sell all” when you’re profiting.
  4. Sleep and save the game. Check Lifeinvader stock again as before as in Step 1. Repeat step process until having made the desired amount or of $2 Billion with each character(assuming it can be done with Trevor and Franklin as well as Michael).

If you follow these steps we will guarantee you that you will not lose your money.

By looking at it is very easy & simple guide to making a very good amount of money but this is very technical for sure. We tested this and get the money too, but you have to try other methods for making more money in GTA 5.

We are 100% satisfied that your questions about when to invest in GTA V? how to buy stocks in GTA 5? What to invest in GTA 5? Who to invest in GTA 5? are now solved and you must have now GTA 5 investment plan.

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