How to make a Pickaxe in Minecraft? (Ultimate Guide)

In Minecraft, one of the primary and basic things that you will need to do is Mining. For that purpose, a Minecraft pickaxe will be quite useful and vital.

The pickaxe is a very famous feature or tool in Minecraft which is important and without that, the player could undoubtedly die real soon or maybe get exhausted easily.

Furthermore, these are utilized to mine harder things, for instance, stones or metals. So, if you are curious about knowing more about this amazing and cool tool and want to learn how to utilize it, all you have to do is to go through the whole article. You can easily build the best Minecraft pickaxe by following the guide.

We have assimilated various methods that will surely turn out great for you. The complete details have been illustrated below.

How to Make a Wooden Pickaxe in Minecraft?

We have elaborated three different methods for different sorts of players. Just go through the details of each method until you get a perfect one for yourself to make a wooden pickaxe.

Method 1: For Windows or Mac

The first method that we have brought to you is making a wooden pickaxe. This method is basically for those players, who play Minecraft on Windows or Mac.

So, if you want to utilize this method, you have to apply the given steps accurately.

1. Convert the tree trunks into the wood. To do that, you have to press the left click and hold it for a while on the desired tree until it breaks the trunk into the wood.

You can do the same process again and again until you get the desired amount of wood.

2. Go to your inventory and open it. To open the inventory, you need to press the E button and then search for the 2×2 crafting grid.

You can see this option near the picture of your character. Besides, it has an arrow on it pointing towards the resulting box.

3. Converting the wood into planks. You need to hold the wood and take it to the grid (make sure that these should be three or more than that) and the planks formed will be seen in the resulting box.

Then take them into your inventory.

4. Making the crafting table. Now draw the wooden boards or planks. Keep in mind that you will require almost four of them.

Then go to your crafting area and fill up the whole space. After that, you have to pull your crafting table to either of your quick ports that are usually at the end of the screen.

5. Placing your crafting table. To do that, you need to click on the table and after that, press the right click on whichever spot to place the crafting table. It’s quite simple.

6. After that, you can further get an amazing grid of 3×3 by clicking-right on the crafting table. That’s a lot more fun.

7.Turn planks into fine sticks. To do so, firstly make sure to use the planks and not the wood logs.

Take the planks and stack them on top of each other and make a pile convert them into sticks. This process can be done in the crafting area as well as in the inventory.

8. Creating the wooden pickaxe. So, if you are all set to make the pickaxe, you need to go towards the crafting table and press the right click.

Then, you have to fill the sticks fully in the first and top row and put one stick in the center row exactly in the middle. Do the same with the last or bottom row, put one stick in the middle.

And you are done making your very own pickaxe.

9. Using the Pickaxe. To do so, you can draw the pickaxe to your quick slot bar and then choose the option to equip it properly.

You are all ready to utilize your pickaxe wherever and whenever you want. All you need to do is to press the right-click and hold for a while to break a certain object.

Now you can break through even the hardest things or stones. Furthermore, you have the amazing chance to get the cobblestone rather than just obliterating the rock.

You can likewise get your hands on the coal, iron metal, and minerals with the help of the pickaxe even without any disaster.

Method 2: For Different Consoles

This method is for those players who love to play Minecraft on Consoles (Play Station 4, Xbox) or Pocket Edition. To utilize this method, just follow the given instructions carefully.

1. Cutting down the trees to get the wood. On consoles, you can press the right trigger or the R2 button for a while.

You need to do this while standing in front of the tree that you want to cut down.

On the other hand, for the pocket edition, you can simply place your finger on the desired tree for a while that you want to turn into wood.

Make sure you cut at least three trees or more.

2. Opening the crafting area. To get access to it, you have to press the X key if you are playing Minecraft on your Xbox.

If you play on the PlayStation, then you should press the square. Furthermore, if you are a player of Xperia play, then you have to press Select.

Last but not least, for the pocket edition, you can simply go to the three dots to open your inventory and from there you have to click on the Craft option.

3. Converting the wood into planks. You have the option to choose the wooden planks recipe.

After choosing that, you will be able to turn the wood into planks. Moreover, if you are a console player then you have the privilege to utilize the most advanced and amazing crafting system which you can do from the PC version of Minecraft.

You can likewise get the guideline from the system instructions.

4. Making the crafting table. To do so, just follow the crafting table procedure and you will be able to turn the planks into a crafting table.

You might need almost four planks for it. You can further utilize it to make many other useful things as well.

5. Placing the crafting table on the ground as soon as possible. Make sure you do it before it gives admittance to the extended menu.

If you play Minecraft on PS4 or Xbox, then select the table with the help of D-pad or L1 button. Later on, put it down by pressing the L2 button from the console.

On the other hand, for the pocket edition, go to your quick slot bar and from there you have to click or tap on the crafting table. At this point, you have to just tap anywhere on the ground to put it there.

6. Making the sticks. You can get the sticks from the Materials lab in your crafting menu. You will require a minimum of two of them.

7. Developing the Pickaxe. For this purpose, rush towards the Tools lab and follow the wooden pickaxe recipe.

Besides, you will have to have 3 planks and 2 sticks to make the pickaxe. Once you are done gathering all the required stuff, the pickaxe will be automatically shown in your inventory.

8. Mining with your Pickaxe. To grab the pickaxe in your hands, just go to the quick slot bar and select it with the pickaxe in it and it will ultimately come into your hands.

Now you can mine with it even through the hardest rocks and stones. Furthermore, you will be able to get the cobblestone and coal without destroying them.

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Other Types of Minecraft Pickaxe

This method involves various kinds of Pickaxes. You will get to know about crafting better pickaxes. If you are curious to know about these pickaxes, then go through their details given below.

1. Stone Pickaxe

Stone Pickaxes are usually considered the primary goals for mining. Firstly, you have to get the cobblestone and then choose the stone pickaxe recipe.

On the PC, you need to do the same process, just use the cobblestone in place of the wooden planks. By using the stone pickaxe, you will be benefited in numerous ways.

For instance, it crushes or breaks the stones relatively quickly as compared to the wooden pickaxe one, it lasts longer, and it can mine iron metal and that of lapis lazuli metal.

2. Iron Pickaxe

In general, finding the iron metal is not at all difficult. To make the iron pickaxe, you will require at least three beige flecked blocks of stones.

After gathering these stones, you have to convert them into an iron pickaxe by following the given instructions.

To start with, you need to create a furnace by utilizing almost eight cobblestones. Now put the iron metal on top of the furnace.

Similarly, put the coal at the base opening of the furnace and wait until it makes the iron ingots. Now you will require three iron ingots and two sticks to form the iron pickaxe.

Furthermore, the iron pickaxe can be utilized to mine a wide range of minerals, like gold, jewel, diamond, red stone, emerald ores, and so on.

3. Gold Pickaxe

Now let’s talk about the gold pickaxe. This is presumably the most un-helpful and least recommended pickaxes of all. But if you still want to get the gold pickaxe, you can surely make it.

The procedure to make the gold pickaxe is quite similar to the iron pickaxe. All you have to do is simply mine the gold medal that is generally found around 32 squares beneath the ocean level or maybe lower than this.

Then you need to smelt it into the ingots and eventually craft a gold pickaxe. Unfortunately, the gold pickaxe is even vulnerable than the iron pickaxe.

4. Diamond Pickaxe

Last but not least, we will discuss the diamond pickaxe. So, the diamond is the most uncommon jewel or mineral and it can only be found far underneath the surface.

If you are keen to get your hands on this one, you will have to somehow get the light blue flecked stone. Moreover, you will require at least three diamonds and about two sticks.

Once you manage to get all things, you will be able to craft the extraordinary solid and super sturdy diamond pickaxe.

Make sure you do not smelt the diamond, because it might result in losing the diamond when you mine through the stone.


In Minecraft, the pickaxe tool feature holds a very important and fundamental place and extremely useful in mining.

There are numerous functions and features that are associated with the pickaxes.

These various functions improve the player’s game and without this, the player cannot survive for a longer time and eventually pass out relatively very soon.

Moreover, it is very interesting and fun to have many options in making different sorts of pickaxes like an iron pickaxe, gold pickaxe, diamond pickaxe, and stone pickaxe.

The players are undoubtedly attracted to these kinds of amazing and cool features. It has enhanced the game to the next level and a lot more fun and enjoyable.

So, it is highly recommended to craft different pickaxes and utilize them wisely to improve and enhance your gaming experience.

So, it is a must-try feature. Do check it out and give it a shot. Hope you’ll love it too.

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