How to Make a Lead in Minecraft? Detailed Recipe

First of all, let us clear that what is a lead in Minecraft. A lead is an extremely helpful instrument that is utilized for leashing or restricting up different animals and insects that you would generally prefer to take to a specific spot along with you in the game.

Particularly, it is that kind of situation where things cannot be restrained, it is due to where ever you go, and they would not follow you.

So, this is the time when you will desperately need to have or make a lead in Minecraft.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the platform that you play Minecraft on. You can take the lead on almost every platform, be it Play stations, Xbox, Java, Nintendo switch editions, Pocket edition, iPad, etc.

Required Ingredients For Minecraft Lead?

You will be required two main ingredients to take the lead. These include 4 strings and 1 slimeball. Once you are done with gathering the required material, you have to proceed with it to take the lead.

To do so, the general method is that you need to put 3 strings in the upper left corner empty spaces or slots of the 3×3 crafting table and place the slimeball in the center slot.
After that, put the 4th string in the base right corner slot. So, if you want to get your hands on the ingredients quickly, just chase down the spiders and slime too!

Now it’s time to get the string and slimeball. To know the details, keep on reading the article.

1. Getting String

Getting the string is genuinely really easy and simple. You can get it either by finding the cobwebs in the mines or by slaying the spiders. You can utilize any of these approaches to get the strings.

2. Discovering cobwebs in Mines

Assuming that you are closer to an abandoned mine, it is feasible to track down an entire pack in there. So, normally we can see that in mines, there is a considerable amount of spider webs.
If you show your amazing skills with a sword in the mines, you can easily hit them and gather the strings. Don’t forget to be careful of those creepy spiders.
There are a lot of chances that you get to see a mine near you if you have the badland or savanna biome anywhere closer to you.

3. Killing spiders for the strings

It is considered as the most convenient way that you will discover the strings is by hitting a few insects and bugs that you see around you and having them drop them as plunder.

Sit tight for the evening and search for those little creatures. Their dazzling red eyes are normally lovely perceptible. Don’t forget to keep the sword with you.

Just hit them hard a couple of times until you get a good amount of string from them.

4. Getting Slimeball

Now it is time to find some of the slime hordes. It can be really difficult because they will just generate in the swamp biomes or profound underground in territories, normally known as the slime chunks.

Generally, it is observed that swamps are a lot simpler and easier to discover as compared to the slime chunks. Furthermore, there is another approach to get the slimeball.

For that purpose, you must have the bamboo jungle biome and there should be some pandas present in there. It is because there are chances of getting the slimeball when a baby panda wheezes.

You must be lucky enough to get the slimeball dropping out by the little pandas. So, consider this as an additional opportunity for you and utilize the most of it to get the slimeball.

How to Make A Lead in Minecraft Recipe?

There are some basic steps that you can easily follow to craft the lead in Minecraft.

Step 1: Opening Craft menu

First of all, you need to open the crafting menu. Here you will be utilizing the 3×3 crafting table.

Step 2: Adding the Strings

Now, you need to add 4 strings and 1 slimeball to the 3×3 crafting table in the given manner. So, You have to put One string in the top right corner slot of the crafting table.

Then put another string below the previous string. Then put the 3rd string in the slot that is on the right side of the first string. The 4th string will be placed in the bottom right corner of the crafting table.

Step 3: Adding the slimeball

Now it is time to add the slimeball to the crafting table. It is pretty simple. Just place the slimeball in the middle slot of the 3×3 crafting table and you are all good!

Step 4: Dragging the leads into inventory

Finally, you will receive two leads in the resulting slot. You can simply drag those two leads into your inventory that will be right below your crafting table.

Now you are all set to utilize these leads in the game.

Another method to get a lead

In case that you fail to discover the swamp biome to get the slime, or you need an easy way out then this means the way is perfect for you.

You have to search for a Wandering trader near you. You can see that the trader must have two llamas and both of them would be tied with leads.

Here comes the right time for some action! Just smack and kill the trader and the llamas and the leads will be dropped eventually. Just pick those leads up and utilize them in your game.

Although it is a little violent method, it is too much fun!

Use of Minecraft Lead

Leads are considered very valuable especially when you are hoping to get the hordes or animals into specific regions.

You can simply utilize the leads when you have an animal and bring them over to a fence and tie them there.

Now you must be curious that what kind of animals are acceptable to leads, so these include bees, chicken, dolphin, foxes, horses, llama, mules, parrots, polar bear, sheep, squid, zoglin, wolves, snow golems, rabbits, pigs, ocelots, mushrooms, iron golems, hoglin, donkey, cow, and cats.

Furthermore, you will not be able to utilize the leads on the villager and cannot take them to a new place. To do that, you will be needed a minecart.


You can simply adapt any of the above-mentioned methods to get your hands-on leads in Minecraft. Leads are way too useful in the game as they assist you to keep your animals with you to whatever place that you prefer.

Furthermore, this tool has enhanced the game as it is very helpful for the players. You should try out these methods and use this amazing tool. Hopefully, you will have an amazing experience as well!

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