How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft (Detailed Recipe Guide)

Make a smoker in Minecraft, is a craft-able block and you can utilize it to prepare food products. No need to worry about it because it is pretty simple to craft a smoker in Minecraft. So, the basic things that you would require will be a furnace and some wood as a material. Normally, you can cook in the furnace but if you transform the furnace into the smoker, you will be able to cook double as quickly. Smoker recipe Minecraft is the detailed guide that will help you to enjoy this game more and more.

Isn’t it amazing!

But sometimes it results in the furnace losing its capacity to smelt the metal, so preferably you will need to approach both the furnace and the smoker.

Furthermore, as you know that the Minecraft smoker costs very little so it is recommended to every player out there to have this tool in their world as it assists you in more than one way i.e., used as speedrunning and also an amazing cooking gadget that cooks swiftly.

Minecraft Smoker Recipe Guide

The basic things that would be needed are

  • 7 logs of wood
  • 8 cobblestones

Once you are successful in gathering all the materials required for making the smoker, you will have to use the 3×3 crafting table.

Simply put the furnace in the middle slot of the crafting table and then put four logs around the furnace i.e., up, down, right, and left of the furnace.

After this arrangement of furnace and logs, the smoker will be formed and you can simply drag it to your inventory.

The above-mentioned process is just a basic outline, the detailed process is given below with all the information that you will need.

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How To Make a Smoker in Minecraft?

Making a smoker in Minecraft is quite simple and easy but the process goes through different phases i.e., making the crafting table, crafting the pickaxe, etc.

All you have to do is to follow the guidelines given below and you will get your very own smoker.

The first thing that you will need to make the smoker is the crafting table. So, as you know that we need 7 logs as material or ingredients.

Out of 7 logs, 3 will be utilized to make the crafting table and 4 logs will be used to make the smoker.

To begin with, you have to go to your survival inventory crafting table and put one log in it, so that it will turn it into the wooden planks.

Generally, one log makes 4 planks of wood. When you are done making the desired number of planks, you will form your crafting table.

This crafting table will now be used to craft a pickaxe. The pickaxe will be later on utilized to gather the cobblestones that we require to make the smoker.

To make the pickaxe, you will be needed some sticks. You can make them either by using your default crafting table or the newly made crafting table. It’s all your choice.

At this point, put two of the wooden planks stacking on each other in the crafting table on either side.

Now it is the perfect time to craft a pickaxe. All you need to do is to take three of the wooden planks and put them on the upper row.

After that, put a stick in the middle slot of the crafting table, and then place another stick below the first stick. If you do this accurately, you will be able to get your hands on the pickaxe that you just created.

Now you can drag it into your inventory. Now you are all set to utilize it and get the cobblestones that will be used to make the furnace.

How to Craft Minecraft Furnace?

Now, you will have to craft a furnace. To do so, put eight cobblestones in the 3×3 crafting table in all the slots except the middle one.

It should be like outlining the crafting table with the cobblestones. After that, you will be able to craft your furnace and it will be shown in the resulting slot.

Just drag it down into your inventory. It will now be used to make the smoker.

Now, that you have collected all the materials required, you can easily make the smoker.

Put the furnace that you recently crafted in the middle slot of the crafting table and then put four of the wooden logs around the furnace i.e., put one log on the top of the furnace, one below the furnace, one on the right side, and similarly, one log on the left side of the furnace.

When you are done with this arrangement, you can see your smoker in the resulting slot. Drag it down to your inventory and utilize it whenever you want to make your food rapidly.

How to use a Minecraft Smoker?

Using the smoker is pretty easy. Go to the Smoker’s GUI by right-clicking on the smoker. There you can see three spaces or slots.

Go to the top left slot and put the raw food that you want to cook by the smoker. You will be able to cook it when you insert the fuel into it.

Now add the fuel in the lower-left slot that is under your food. You can use any kind of fuel i.e., charcoal, coal, lava, etc. It will assist in cooking the raw food that you have put in the upper space.

Once you see that the color of the arrow is completely chanced, it means that your food is cooked. So just keep an eye on it! Its speed of changing the color is different for different types of food.

When you see that the arrow is filled, take out your food and it is ready to eat!

Congrats, you have successfully cooked your desired food very well. Now you can collect the rewards of smelting and utilize them to the fullest.

Moreover, you can cook almost all the food items in the smoker, for instance, potatoes, beef, mutton, chicken, rabbit, and fish.

It is highly recommended to eat the food properly cooked as it usually has better saturation.


A Smoker is a useful and yet a really fun tool in Minecraft. You will enjoy to the fullest gathering all the materials required to make a smoker. Moreover, it is twice as quick to cook your food as compared to a furnace. So, do craft a smoker and utilize it to enhance your gaming experience. Hope you will enjoy it!

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