What is GTA RP & How To Play or Join GTA 5 RP?

GTA 5 roleplay (RP) is the most underrated mod of this game. Before GTA Online releases, this is the only source to play this game online with friends. Also, famous video game streaming platforms like Twitch and discord did a great job to promote this GTA 5 RP and it clicked. What is the difference between GTA RP & GTA 5 RP? Why is it still popular? Let find out…

What is GTA RP?

Grand Theft Auto Roleplay is the server where you can join other players in the game by downloading the mod for it. You can spawn into the populated map where you become the cop, shop clerk, or also a criminal which is a little bit awkward but it’s more adventurous than others.

All these servers hosted by different gamers around the globe and you can join them by downloading mods from their own or official websites. Moreover, you can find which are the best GTA RP servers on different online forums. Some of them are also mentioned below.

Some of the servers are very difficult to play or join, hard even that you can not change your character. Also, there are the easiest and crazy servers too where you can play as you like. But if you are a criminal then you should know that there are other players, playing as a cop, they will arrest you at any cost.

How to join GTA RP Servers?

There are many servers available online from where you can join them as a player. For joining them they will ask you to read their rules and accept them before joining them. After accepting the rules you will be in a queue, owners will review your application then accept you to be a player on their server.

They have few restrictions in their roleplay server, most players come and ruin their fun. This is the reason they have extra layers of the check before getting anyone in their rooms.

Best GTA RP Servers

There are many GTA RP servers are available online but few of them are reliable and interesting to join them. Below are mentioned so you will check them out before joining any server.

Each server has its own essence of joining them, whatever you want to become, like a cop, news anchor, or cab driver to criminal, everything is possible in these roleplays. Moreover, from the outside, all these are looking the same but they are not, some of them are more scalable and accessible. Because of that, we mentioned all of them in the below list, get to find out which one is best for you.

1. Nopixel

It is one of the most popular GTA RP ever because it is one the hardest server ever have in the online community. Moreover, it is also promoted by the biggest streamers like Lirik, Moonmoon, and Summit1G on twitch on doing streaming.

Nopiel only allows 32 players in their server room, and it is the main thing that makes them unique. They recieve 4000+ applications for joining but they don’t allow everyone because they want to keep fun alive in the gamers. You can imagine their popularity that most players want to join big streamers of Twitch to play with them.

Since the release of NoPixel 3.0, it is the most-viewed stream on Twitch. You can now imagine the popularity of this GTA RP. Keep trying you join them.

2. Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is one of the most scaled servers of GTA RP. They have a limit of 200 players at a time but you will not join them easily. Because it is also a premium service that allows you to become a clown or a doctor or a nurse or leading a mob in Los Santos.

Their reason for the popularity is their forum section, where you can ask anything about GTA 5 Mods you will get responses from every other person.

You have to wait in a queue to join this server and maybe it will take a lot of time to join them. You have to stay calm if you want to do fun in GTA 5 as a different type of character.

3. GTA World

It is also a popular server among GTA 5 RP players because it has a limit of 500 members at a time. Your chance is increased to join. It is stated on their website. Moreover, their popularity is that they only allow chat, if you are text savvy then it is for you. If you get bored chatting then you should look for any other GTA RP that will help you to join on Discord.

4. Mafia City

It is one of the most adventurous and having fun in GTA 5. They made this server for 2 years, and now it is available for sign-ups. Furthermore, the reason for its popularity is that you will sell or purchase in the game like apartments, condos, hotels, or houses, name it and you will make money by selling them.

If you want to make a lot of money in GTA 5 then you should look into this GTA RP, you will enjoy the Mafia looks and style. You also become a cop, gangster, or CEO in this mod.

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What is GTA 5 RP?

This is a multiplayer mod for GTA 5 PC version which is different from the GTA online. You can act to create your own story in the game. The city of Los Santos is the same as the main GTA 5 version. Both non-playable characters (NPC’s) and regular players can easily play this mod. Moreover, if you are a new gamer you get yourself so confuse because it is a little bit completed.

Players can jump into servers created by other gamers which is amazing, and they take NPC to next level by customizing it in different ways. Some of the servers are very are not even playable by the new gamers.

Also, some gamers want to ask about tips and tricks about how to access the game’s menu or any other control, nobody will tell them even the owners of the server. Some server owners even don’t allow you to use cheats, that is the most interesting thing about this game.

All things are the same in GTA 5 RP like Online, whatever you do and you want to do you. It sounds similar that it is much like same as GTA Online but it is not.

This is so boring for GTA 5 players that’s why they play GTA Online if they want to play multiplayer.

Best FiveM Servers For GTA 5 RP

There are many servers are available to play the role plays, below are mentioned. Check them out.

  1. Carolina State RP
  2. New City
  3. Paradox Gaming RP
  4. Impulse99
  5. CityLife RolePlay
  6. Extra Life Roleplay
  7. LOS Scandalous Roleplay
  8. YBN New Yorkers
  9. Gotham Roleplay
  10. New York City RP

Who Will Play GTA 5 RP?

TO play this mod you only need to have installed GTA 5 on your PC, but it is not a normal multiplayer that launched by Rockstar. It can be accessed by verified game clients like FiveM and Grand Theft Multiplayer. Once you signed up for their service you will start playing.

Moreover, if you are a good or talented role player then you will get invited by big streamers even some big companies to play on their servers. Once you achieved this level then you will easily go to the big leagues to show your gaming skills.

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How to Play GTA 5 RP?

There are services are available that will provide you Grand Theft Auto 5 roleplay servers. You only need to join them and it is very easy. Below is the method that is time-saving and easy for beginners too.

Method 1: If FiveM not installed

1. Download the FiveM from their website.

2. Now install it.

3. Then it will ask you to select the GTA 5 installed folder.

4. Select that folder.

5. Then it will connect FiveM with an installed copy of GTA 5.

6. Go to the Servers Tab in FiveM.

7. Click on your desired server.

8. Join the Discord server by copying their Discord link. (Optional)

9. Then connect to the server.

10. Enjoy the game now.

Method 2: If you have FiveM installed

If you have bought the game on steam then follow the steps:

1. Open Steam.

2. Log into your account in FiveM.

3. Go to the Servers Tab in FiveM.

4. Click on your desired server.

5. Join the Discord server by copying their Discord link. (Optional)

6. In order to set up your Team Speak Client, you will need to press Ctrl+K and search ‘Toko’. (It will help you to get the Address for finding the servers for Toko VoIP.)

7. Copy it and go to Team Speak,

8. Copy the Server Address as per your choice after going to #server-status.

9. Open FiveM and press F8.

10. Enter the Server Address that you had copied with the prefix ‘connect’.

11. After it connects, you can enjoy GTA 5 RP on that particular server!

Common Slangs For GTA 5 RP Forums

There is a different language to talk like a pro in the different forums, even you can see these slangs in the rules before joining any GTA RP. Most of them are mentioned below, we will update these slangs from time to time, so bookmark this page to get notified whenever we update.

  • CK: character kill
  • PK: player kill
  • IC: in character
  • RDM: random deathmatch
  • ERP: erotic roleplay
  • LOOC: local out of character
  • RP: role-play
  • OOC: out of character.

If you know about more slang then let us know in the comment section so our readers will get also more information about it.

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