All GTA 5 Maps To Find Anything in Los Santos

If you are looking for GTA 5 Maps then you are at very right place. We are going to cover each map which is mostly used in GTA 5 to find collectibles or find different places. All these maps images save your time to find anything in Grand Theft Auto 5 from which you can complete your task in no time.

All GTA 5 Maps – A Overview:

We are going to mention each location of each collectible, just find out what you want and where you get that in GTA 5 Maps in Los Santos city.

Official Map:

This is the official map of GTA 5 without mentioning any locations in it. Just check it out how much area you have to roam in a city of Los Santos.

GTA 5 map official

Satellite Map:

This image of the GTA 5 map is taken from the satellite to find out how Los Santos looks like from the sky.


The map in Night Mode:

Are you curious about how Los Santos looks like in night?  then just have a look on a below image and gets the mesmerizing view of the city.

GTA 5 map in night mod

GTA 5 Collectibles Map:

If you want to collect the things which are placed in Los Santos then you can follow the following images to get your desired collectible.

1. Epsilon Tract

GTA 5 Epsilon Tract

2. Hidden Package

3. Knife Flight

GTA 5 Knife Flight

4. Letter Scraps

GTA 5 Letter Scraps

5. Nuclear Waste

GTA 5 Nuclear Waste

6. Peyote

GTA 5 Peyote Location

7. Spaceship Parts

GTA 5 Spaceship Parts

8. Stunt Locations

GTA 5 Stunt Jumps

9. Submarine Piece

GTA 5 Submarine Parts

10. Under the Bridge

GTA 5 under the bridge

11. Monkey Mosaic

GTA 5 monkey Mosaics

12. Weapon To Pick

GTA 5 weapon to pick

13. Health Pack

GTA 5 Health

14. Body Armor

GTA 5 body Armor

All GTA 5 Locations

Everyone wants to roam a city but the difficult part is if you don’t know the locations then you must be tired and bored after sometime. So we are providing you all locations of GTA 5 in Los Santos.

1. Ammu-nation

GTA 5 Ammu nation

2. Barber Shop

GTA 5 Barber Shop

3. Building of interests

GTA 5 buildings

4. Car Wash

GTA 5 cars wash

5. Clothing Store

GTA 5 Clothing Store

6. Automotive Shop

7. Darts

GTA 5 Darts

8. Flight School

GTA 5 flight School

9. Golf

GTA 5 Golf

10. Convenience Store

11. Food & Drink

GTA 5 Food & Drink

12. Hospital

GTA 5 Hospitals

13. Fast Cash

GTA 5 Fast Cash

14. Movie Theater

GTA 5 Cinema

15. Parachuting

16. Race

GTA 5 Races

17. Police Station

GTA 5 Police station

18. Property of Sale

GTA 5 property of sale

19. Banks

GTA 5 Banks

20. Shooting

GTA 5 Shooting

21. Strip Club

GTA 5 strip club

22. Tattoo Parlor

23. Tennis

GTA 5 Tennis

24. Yoga

GTA 5 Yoga

25. Hunting

GTA 5 Hunting

26. Fire Station

GTA 5 fire station

27. Lookout Point

GTA 5 lookout Point

28. Mountain Peak


29. Vehicle Spawn

GTA 5 vehicle spawn

30. Random Event

GTA 5 Random event

31. Apartments

GTA 5 apartments

32. Garage

GTA 5 garage

33. Easter Egg

GTA 5 easter egg

34. Miscellaneous

GTA 5 miscellaneous


Find the area in which where missions you have to complete, follow images.

1. Missions

GTA 5 missions

2. Strangers and Freaks

Why do you need to know about the GTA 5 Maps?

If you follow these maps then you can complete your task without even spending too much time on the game. Rather you have to go somewhere then you can check location maps or if you want to collect anything in GTA 5 then you can see you will get different GTA 5 Mods For PC.

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