How to get easy money in GTA 5? All hints, tips, & tricks

As we all know that Grand Theft Auto 5 has a money issue, many gamers spend a lot of money and didn’t earn. So we decided to write a guide in which we will tell how you can make money in GTA 5, tips and tricks. Just follow the guide and you can also reinvest in GTA 5 stock market too where you sell or purchase shares. From you can make some easy money also in story mode.

How to make money in GTA 5 story mode?

We are going to mention each and every tips and trick that will help you to make money in Grand Theft Auto 5. Just follow the instructions and you are good to go. One more thing I want to include, you can also become a trader in GTA 5. They launched a stock market in GTA 5 where you can go, invest money either you will be earned a profit or lost all the money. If you know any other way to make money in GTA 5 then you can comment under this so other readers can get benefit from it.

ATM Robberies

If you want some more money, you can hang out around ATM’s where people came and withdraw money. You can rob them and run away from them to another ATM machine. Don’t be look suspicious if you are walking around ATM’s.

Infinite Ammo-nation Robberies

Best way to make money in GTA 5 is to rob ammunition stores again and again because after each robbery their money registers respawn to full money again. Follow the steps and earn a lot of money:

  1. Head to an Ammu-nation store.
  2. Shoot the clerk from the doorway.
  3. Empty the cash registers.
  4. Exit the store and walk about three car lengths away (you’ll get to know the correct distance if you keep doing this…).
  5. Turn around and re-enter store – you’ll find that the money has re-spawned!
  6. Grab the cash, exit, and repeat.

Armored Car Robberies

You just need to know that if there is a blue dot on the map it means that you have an opportunity to earn some extra bucks by taking the armored car.

If it’s parked and a man is walking towards it with a briefcase, shoot him and you will get $5000 easily.

Otherwise, you can steal the car and break it the back doors (you can easily be done this by taking it to waters). You can also plant a bomb in the back of the car and blow it to open.

Save Sonny’s Daughter – $60K

To earn $60,000 you have to encounter someone.

SO head to North of Los Santos, Paleto Bay where 2 guys are going to kill a girl (she is a daughter of mob boss “Sonny’s).

Kill both guys and take the girl where she wants to go (Vinewood).

After some days, you have a call and when you pick up the call you heard the voice of the same girl who has saved.

Then she tells you she has wired $60,000 to your account.

Infinite Money #1

If you like do hunting of treasure then this money cheats for you. You have dive in a and go to the corner of it and finds a sunken ship. In that ship, you can find a treasure box having the money up to $12,000.

You can earn more from here. For that, you have to change your character to the original one. Treasure respawned already, now you can change your character again to swimming one by using GTA 5 PC cheats. Then go back to the ship and collect the treasure box.

Repeat this process as many times as you want.

Infinite Money #2

This is also the same one as we already discuss in infinite money #1, just one thing is change. The amount in this is increased to $20000.

Infinite Money #3

This infinite money also the same as we mentioned above. But you can find other things rather than money.  But the amount of money is increased in it that is $25,000.

You can find MG SMG rifle located at wreckage of the ship. Follow the pole and in the end, you found a slab on which wreckage is stable, on that slab you can find an SMG Rifle.

You can also find an armor vest in it which is located near the wreckage of the ship near some rocks. The exact location of it is facing the wreckage with the briefcase on your left side and you are facing the hull door, then on your right-hand side is where the vest is located.

You also find Grenades also located next to the wreckage, the exact location is going to the side where the money is and go straight down and the grenade will be right there.

If you want to find all of these then we will recommend you must go in daylight otherwise it will become difficult to find because there is no light.

Infinite Money #4

This infinite money also follows the same above hints and tips of GTA 5, but you can find some more extra things in it.

You can find a briefcase full of money that is $9000. But you can more weapons in it like UZI, Pump Action Shotgun, Sticky Bombs, Grenades Sniper Rifle & Carbine Assault Rifle.

Maximum Money Limit

Everything is good as it remains in its limit.

So the maximum money in GTA 5 is $2,147,483,647.

Do whatever by investing money or do clubbing or buy a new villa or cars, you have to spend all of these.

If you add one more $1 in its maximum amount then you will be lost all money. Like your money goes to negative “-$2,147,483,647” and you will become bankrupt.

Easy $100,000 Mission

This is a secret mission in which you can easily earn $100k. Most of the players report this that they had earned money by completing this mission.

You just need to play with Franklin character, (also with Michael too). You have to roam in his (Franklin or Michael) house and if you see that a blue sign pop up in the GTA 5 map.

Then you must go there and check it out what’s going on.

If you see there is a kid and he told you that his bike is stolen by someone and he is poor that he will not get an extra one.

If it is like, then get it back for him, later on, he will text you and say thank you and tell you that he is a millionaire and gives you $100,000.

That’s how you can earn some more good money by completing a simple mission.

Robbing Any Store

This will help you to rob any store in GTA 5. If its ammo, clothes, or some other shops you can rob them.

You just have to enter the shop, let the door and equip yourself with a gun. Point the weapon to the clerk of the shop.

Then you can shoot the registers and money bags will appear to take it and you have collected your money.

You can repeat this process as many times as you want.


You will also earn money in GTA 5 by doing the assassination. You have to complete all missions that are given by Lester to achieve a level and get the money.

To get the most out of from assassination, its recommended that you have to complete the storyline then invest all money in the stock exchange. On completion of assassination missions, resell all stocks and in return, you have tons of money.

The Hotel Assassination is the only one of these required to progress in the story. So for maximum profits, you have to skip all the other missions until you have finished the main storyline.

Get A Business Tip

Another random encounter can help you win big. When driving around in Chumash, you will find a crashed car and businessmen is lay down on the road. He is an executive of a and going for a meeting to another city. If you take him to LSIA at right time limit then he will give you a stock market tip. In which he will tell you which company is going to be profitable.

If you got the tip then apply in the stock exchange and if you have profit then reinvest it and earn more & more.

Bust The Marijuana Farm

If you travel down a small dead-end path on the eastern face of Mount Chiliad, you will happen upon a small drug storehouse where some crooks growing weed. So, it is the best chance to get some extra money in GTA 5.

So, take out your weapons and threaten them away and make a loot in that building. The cash rewards up to $100,000, this is instant money. You can move away from that building and come back later you will find the store again because it will respawn. Bring the guns out and make the goons run away from that store and make a loot again.

You can do it again and again.

Track Loot And Collectibles With Chop

You can make money with dog sniffing. Yes, we are right, if you take Chop with you on the walk, that is Franklin’s dog which he gets from Lamar. He will sniff out loot and other collectibles, you can trace him and find good things in it. Using him to detect money and lot of other stuff.

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