NativeUI Mod Menu For GTA 5 Free

This template will assist you in creating a Native UI Mod Menu in Grand Theft Auto V. This will require Script Hook V Dot Net and NativeUI DLL references; however, they are linked within the project.


NativeUi For GTA 5 – A Overview:

NativeUi is a mod menu & as well as a template that allows you to do modding on GTA 5 like endeavor mod menu. But this mod is comparatively different than any other mod menus. This mod menu needs Script Hook V Dot Net because it is compiled on C# programming language. It is also included in our best GTA 5 Mods for 2019 list, however, you can follow the instruction to get this mod on GTA 5 easily without any error. First, you must watch below video for that you have some idea that how you can do this easily. This mod menu is also considered as one of the best GTA 5 Mod for PC.

NativeUi Mod Menu Key Features:

  • Support for simple buttons, checkboxes, and lists.
  • Support for custom banners from game sprites and your own textures.
  • Easy nested menus for the fast and painless nested menu system.
  • Controller support.
  • Mouse controls.
  • Custom instructional buttons.
  • Support for all screen resolutions.
  • Item descriptions.
  • Rebindable keys and controls.
  • Badges to decorate your items.
  • Event-based callbacks.

How to install NativeUi Mod Menu on GTA 5?

Follow the below instructions and perform every step carefully.

  • After downloading the zip, place the zip in the following location: Users / YOUR USER NAME / Documents / Visual Studio 13 (or 15) / Templates / Project Templates, simply place the zip in that location!
  • Loading in Visual Studio: To load the template into Visual Basic, simply click “New Project” then go to “Visual C#”. Now, scroll in that list until you see “GTAV Menu Template”
  • Change Log: CLEANED IT UP – A LOT

Now you can easily use this mod menu on GTA 5 without any prior time, just you need only follow the steps that are performing in the above video.

Download Free PC Games NativeUI Mod Menu For GTA 5 Mods Free Download

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