30 Best GTA 4 Mods: Ultimate Collection Guide For 2021

Rockstar Games has gained a huge amount of popularity after they launched their adventure, thriller, action game series GTA (grand theft auto). From time to time they have upgraded their games and made many sequels but none of their GTAs got as much fame as GTA IV got. The developer behind the iconic GTA IV is Rockstar north and is published by the Rockstar games.

No doubt that GTA San Andreas and GTA V have got some extraordinary graphics but GTA IV still tops the popularity chart. Some people liked the women’s portrayal in the game, some like the action/adventure, etc. but in short, it’s an all-in-one combo pack.

From time to time GTA enthusiasts and modding geeks like julioNIB, jc0001, slayer maggot, and many more have made loads of mods for grand theft auto 4 like ghost rider mod, a mod for low-end PCs, new weapons, and many more. here are some of the best mods described below made by extremely genius GTA lovers. If you want to activate cheats on GTA 4, then also we have covered.

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Best Grand Theft Auto 4 Mods

Below you will every kind of mod for GTA 4 that you will enjoy a lot in the game.

30. Shark O Matic Gun

This is one hell of a ridiculous and crazy mod and it’s super fun. This mod is inspired by the very known saints row 3’s shark gun. This might be an odd name for a gun but it’s worth seeing what it does to the victim.

When you shoot the enemy/victim, a shark out of nowhere bursts out of the ground and eats the enemy. If this doesn’t sound like super fun, then what does?  It brings humor and craziness at the same time and you must give this mod a try.

29. Spider-Man

This one is the most requested mod by the gaming peeps. It’s a simple mod and it changes the player’s skin to spider man skin, but it’s not just some ordinary fancy dress. It allows you to shoot spider webs, jump through the buildings, swing between the gigantic skyscrapers, crawl on the walls.

Since it’s inspired by our boy peter parker and as we know he was a photographer, so it allows you to slow the whole scene so you can take some mesmerizing pictures while enjoying your ride through the concrete jungle.

28. Ghost Rider

The name describes the mod itself. We all have seen the American action/fantasy movie “GHOST RIDER” released in 2007. This mod adds the powers of mighty ghost rider to the player. This ghost rider mod turns you into a fiery ghost.

Unlike any other modifications which we have seen before, not only the body is on fire but the head also glows in this mod which looks super savage. This mod might require a high-end video/graphics card because it is huge because of the bump maps which are added to the mod.

27. Graphic Enhancer

This one is a must-have mod for everyone. This fabulous mod enhances the processing effects of the GTAs graphics/visuals. This mod definitely made everyone find their love for GTA at least once. Playing GTA IV with the graphic enhancing mod is a mind-blowing work of art. It has much better reflections, visual effects, lighting, and so on. It works for all editions of GTA IV including the GTA 4: complete edition.

26. Prison Break

Inspired by Netflix’s hit series “PRISON BREAK” this mod puts you in the correctional facility if you get caught with much required wanted stars. In this prison break mod, you have to get out of the facility by using different methods such as starting the riots between the inmates which would alert the security officials and you can find a way out or you can get access to the roof and flew away using the police chopper.

You can also use the phone secretly in the prison to get in touch with your accomplices outside the facility or by bribing the security. Overall it’s a fun mode and you must give it a try.

25. HULK

The name has described the mod itself very well. Everyones favorite and much-loved HULK made it to the GTA IV‘s script mod. This script will allow the player to have the hulk powers like a thunderclap, punch attacks, grabbing the poles, throwing the vehicles, grab and smash and much more.

24. First Person

This mod allows you to experience the aspects of the game from your POV (point of view). You can see the gameplay through the eyes of your player. You can enable this mod anytime by pressing the “V” key two times.

This will help your point of view to get altered. Even though the game is now aged but you can still see through the different aspects through the eyes of Niko Bellic. Overall this is a good mod and helps to project first persons view both on foot and while driving.

23. Iron Man

Yet another superhero mod in GTA IV and this time it’s Tony Stark aka the “IRON MAN”. This mod allows you to try iron man’s skin. The skin is equipped with darts, rockets, repulsor beams, cannons, thrusters, and many more. The main highlight of the mod is the “STARK TOWER”.

The tower will be on the map and is the new safe house which offers a helicopter and an automobile which will be created automatically when you install the iron man mod for grand theft auto IV . the tower also has a garage which can store up to 6 vehicles.

22. Beautification Project

This mod is not so popular but still liked by many grand theft auto IV players. It’s sort of a guide to modify and beautify the map using this beautification mod. Whether you have a high-end PC or a low-end PC, you can fix the compatibility of the system to improve the visual effects and textures. By rendering the custom settings, natural lighting can also be adjusted.

21. Better Handling

As the name describes the mod itself. A very much needed mod for GTA IV players to show off their driving skills in the game. This mod offers a better grip on the road while driving and decreases the slidy ness of the vehicle which helps in better handling.

It also provides a good speed limit and better car suspensions (not on every car). This better car handling mod works only for the original cars of the grand theft auto 4.

20. LCPD First Response

This is by far the best ever mod made for the grand theft auto 4. This mod makes you play as a cop. This allows you to apprehend anyone who you suspect, you have the authority to search vehicles, issue parking tickets, and arrest anyone when you find any evidence against the suspect.

Chasing dangerous criminals and can request anytime for a backup and arsenal is also a fun part of this mod. This is the most realistic, dynamic, and comprehensive mod that makes you see the criminal world from the blue side. It has brought the mindless long fun in GTA IV. This mod’s installer is already present in the mod.

19. Speed Limit

Hold your horses because things are getting more and more realistic. Cops have never been realistic in any games but this time the GTA IV’s speed limit mod is here. Cops have never been this real.

You will automatically get a 1 star wanted level if you drive over 10 mph above the speed limit and a 2 star wanted level when you cross 25 mph over the limit. To toggle up the speed limit press right CTRL + L.

18. Silence

Guns with silencers installed look real badass. With this silence mod, you are now able to attach or detach silencers to your guns. With the press of only the “X” key, you can toggle on and off your gun’s silencer. Every gun has its own different settings so it will be easy for you to swap between your silenced or unsilenced weapon.

17. San Andreas

This time the modders have taken the mods to a whole another level by merging two different games into one worthy admiration. This mod is the total conversion of grand theft auto IV and grand theft auto: “ SAN ANDREAS “ map of the giant ports.

Surprisingly this mod has added up gang wars, better visual effects, better sound effects, and vehicles. This mod has brought the legendary old San Andreas map into grand theft auto IV using the powerful RAGE Engine. This is by far one of the best mods which offer all the flavor of both GTAs, IV & SAN ANDREAS.

16. Snow

Winters have always been everyone’s favorite and this time the modding enthusiasts have made the legendary liberty city’s map into a wonderland. From pathways to roads, sidewalks, parking lots, trees, everything is covered with the white stuff, you name it. You can even pick up and throw the snowballs, isn’t this sound like super fun, right? From walking to driving everything leaves its traces behind on the snow.

In this snow mod of grand theft auto IV. This mod has given an entirely different atmosphere to the map and all credit goes to the particle effects and textures. Now it pours down the ultra-realistic snowfall instead of the old and boring rainfalls. Overall it’s a fun mod for grand theft auto IV and everybody must give it a try.

15. Grand Theft Auto IV

It would be so odd if your PC doesn’t run the game which is more than a decade old. But still, there are some folks out there who have calculators running old windows and this GTA IV mod is for them. The name of the mod has already described itself very well so don’t have high expectations.

To make it lighter there are several features that are absent like graphics, visuals, FX, and the colors are also decreased, and you won’t be able to see more than 2/3 meters ahead. But it will surely run on your computer so you can have the pleasure of playing GRAND THEFT AUTO 4.

14. GTA 4 Weapon Pack

This must have come to your mind at least once that the weapons are not enough for you to enjoy the game in grand theft auto IV, but this GTA V weapon pack mod has solved the issue. It will make you have your hands-on hell load of arsenal/weapons from the legendary grand theft auto V.

You will have the latest shotguns, berettas, carbines, assault rifles, SMGs, you name it. In general, these weapons would be from the future (grand theft auto V) so you will definitely have the advantage over your targets.

13. GTA V Style Character Switch

This is by far one of the prominent improvements ever modified for grand theft auto 4. This mod clearly shows the significant love and craze of modders as well as players for GTA IV. This script mod for GTA IV is definitely determined to bring you the coolest features of grand theft auto V to grand theft auto IV.

This particular mod makes you switch between characters like you can do in grand theft auto V (GTA 5). This mod has already been tested on GTA IV and loved by many. This is a must-try script mod for every grand theft auto IV player.

12. Grand Theft Auto Environment

The much-awaited and most demanded script for grand theft auto IV is here, the GTA IV environment mod. This mod is aimed to make the looks of the game, even more, better than the original one. The main highlight of this mod is that it has focused entirely on the lights, contrast, saturation, and brightness to make the game’s environment even more real.

The weather of the game is tweaked one after another for better computations, and nicer shiny/reflective surface. The cherry on the pie is the UHD clouds roaming right above your head. All the glass reflections and water reflections are enhanced very well.

11. GTA 4 Jetpack Mod

What is the frickin world would be cooler than Niko flying on a jetpack. Yes, it has been made possible by this awesome mod made for grand theft auto IV. Obviously, this mod is definitely inspired by “MARK MILLAR” and “JHON ROMITA”s famous movie “KICK ASS”.

Like in the movie, this jetpack is also equipped with two guns so you can spray the metal on your targets while enjoying your ride in the sky. One sad thing about the jetpack is that it needs to be unlocked and to unlock it you must do a killing frenzy at the airport, but I believe it won’t be hard for a grand theft auto player or is it?

10. Dual Wielding Style

Imagine how savage and badass would Niko Bellic look while dual-wielding the SMGs in style. Yes, this has been made possible by using the dual wield mod for grand theft auto IV. this mod allows the player to hold two firearms at once and shoot. the visuals and graphics look very real while shooting in dual-wielding mode.

You can apply this method to SMGs, Pistols, etc but unfortunately, you can’t use the dual wield method for rocket launchers or big rifles. According to the survey, this mod is one of the best-reviewed and like mods. This mod is worth a try for all grand theft auto IV (GTA 4) players out there.

9. Selfie

When you put a lot of effort to make your game enchanting and appealing, you definitely need some sort of way to record it. Although screenshots are a very common and easy way to capture game moments Grand Theft Auto IV ( GTA 4 ) has this amazing feature in which the players can take their selfies and all credit goes to the Modder JulioNIB.

This is such a fun feature that will enhance the engagement of players with the game. Players can click their selfies on the spot in the game i.e in the car, on the road, during missions, etc. these selfies are automatically saved in the PC folder. A game with such advanced and fun Mods is a great demand and that’s all we want.

8. Car Customization

Anything that can be customized automatically attracts the audience, be it in real life or in a game. Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) introduced this astonishing trait in which the player can personalize his cars as he wants.

This feature can be used after installing this mod. The player will be able to find the Liberty City Customs Autobody Shop closer to the middle of the map. There, you’ll have massive options to apply some fundamental changes to the vast majority of the vanilla vehicles.

It’s not much. Be that as it may, even an essential improvement like this can cause the game to feel more substantially more captivating.

7. Ultimate Textures

One of the main things you have to improve on the off chance that you need a more sensible, realistic, and engaging GTA experience is the streets. The player spends a significant time on the roads, be it running, walking, or driving. The ultimate texture Mod has alternated and replaced a number of appearances and looks all over Liberty City.

However, the finest improvement is made to asphalt and road quality and textures that look sophisticatedly definite. This feature really compliments the game. Obviously, it has neither rhyme nor reason for having high-quality HD super vehicles, whereas the roads seem to be 2D.

6. New Weapons

Who doesn’t get excited when it comes to something new, having advanced functions and with a splendid variety? With passing time, gamers have gotten used to immense assortments of exceptionally itemized weapons where the difference and contrast between them in their use and functionality is slightest.

Keeping this in view GTA 4 introduces brand new weapons which is a great way to fascinate the audience towards this game. It enhances the fun factor of the game to another extent.

Through this feature, you’ll have access to more assault rifles, SMGs, grenade launchers, and shotguns with the latest attachments. It gives a whole new experience of bashing and smashing the hell out of enemies.

5. Zombie Apocalypse

Normal is boring and crazy is cool—what’s crazier than Zombies? Zombies have become a trendy creature now- be it in movies or in games. Who doesn’t like innovative combinations and phenomenal characters and features in a game? Obviously when a game is merged with such staggering fictional characters is definitely a Hit.

This is surely a huge reason for the attraction of the audience towards GTA 4. With this amazing mod, you can be a zombie anytime and just blindly assassinate and destroy anyone that comes in your way in the deathly darkness.

This is surely one of the most interesting and a must try the mod. Hats off to the Modder who introduced this bewildering mod in Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4).

4. Bicycle Script

Usually, the developers are extremely determined to make a game so astonishing and splendid and to take it to next level that their center of importance is only the prominent features and characters.

All they do is beautify, modify, and upgrade the main feature of the game. By keeping the limelight on the main elements, they usually ignore the basic tiny details that do need to be upgraded or even added in the game.

The same was the case with GTA 4, initially, they did not have the bicycle animation mod, even the players did not ask for such an addition but after this mod got introduced in GTA San Andreas.

The game audience urged and demanded this feature to be present in GTA 4 as well. Now all thanks to the Modder for this bicycle script. You can do crazy stunts on a bicycle and ride freely on long roads. It’s a huge attraction for players especially the ones who are addicted to GTA San Andreas.

3. Death Race

It’s beyond everyone’s contentment having their favorite movie-related features in their favorite game. The only motivation and incentive for launching this magnificent Death race mod in GTA 4 emerged from Paul W.S. Anderson’s 2008 Death Race film. This death Race mod reflects a lot of highlights dependent on the film including vigorously protected and weaponized vehicles.

You can roam around and arrange races in the city fearlessly. This mod gives you effortlessly gangster vibes. Although it’s not too much all things considered what they had just made is sufficient enough to keep the audience engaged for a pretty extended period of time.

2. Realistic Driving & Flying

Everything is more relatable when it seems more realistic. The creator seems to be keenly obsessed with realistic features in his games, which can be clearly seen through the advancements and drastic changes made in GTA 4 as well as GTA 5.

It is a fun fact that all 170 motors and vehicles found in Liberty city are addressed, designed, customized, and personalized individually by the creator- Killatomate.

Each vehicle has its separate center of mass and other characteristics in relation to the game that leads to accurate synchronization. Driving in this mod is super fun and this mod is definitely an attraction for car lover players.

1. ICEnhacer

The first impression of any game is made by its visual representation and outlook. The graphics of any game immensely contribute to its popularity and likeness. Grand Theft Auto IV has its separate fan base just because of its design and graphics.

From time to time it needs to be upgraded and that’s exactly what Modders have done by introducing iCEnhancer, which is the most embraced and popular design update GTA IV has till now. It carries endless upgrades to make this game sparkle.

The iCEnhancer was made by the combinations of better texture, graphics, designs and improved models with custom Reshade and an ENB present and the results are phenomenal and splendid. The outcome just ambiguously takes after vanilla GTA IV.

Furthermore, it might seem in a way that is better than vanilla GTA V. Do check this mod for the best visual feels. There are also the best mods on GTA 5 which are also amazing on that version too.

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