GTA 5 Director Mode Cheat For PS4

As we know that Grand Theft Auto 5 is next-generation game by Rockstar Games for PS4 and PS3 also for Xbox One & 360. It will be available for computer (PC) too. Sometimes we need this game as per our demands so we choose different cheats for that.

There is also one cheat named as GTA 5 Director Mode, the purpose of this cheat is to provide you the directing platform. You can also have GTA5cheats like spawn a buzzard and spawn a PCJ bike for more fun in the game.

gta v director mode xbox one

What is GTA 5 Director Mode Cheat?

In this cheat, when you activate “GTA 5 director mode” you have open different multiple options in which you can choose as per your demand at that time of gaming session. You have options like different actors are available like change genders, also you can switch between different available characters. You can become a lifeguard, firefighter, FIB agent, LSFD, LSPD, Highway Patrol, Noose, Paramedic, Tourist, and many more as you want to become in the game.

How to activate director mode GTA 5?

You can activate this cheat on a different console-like, PS4, PS3, Xbox One & 360 and PC too. For this, you have to follow the cheat patterns from below mention list separate each for each console.

  • Xbox 360/Xbox One: Sorry, this cheat is not possible on PS3 or Xbox 360
  • PS3/PS4: Use the cell phone cheat below
  • Cell Phone: 1-999-57-825368

We recommend you to use director mode GTA 5 on PS4 by above mention cell phone numbers in the game. You will be available a full list of GTA 5 cell phone cheats. Enjoy and have fun in the game and we know you will be loved this diverse director mode in GTA 5. If you find a way to activate this on Xbox series then just let us know in the comment section to help your gaming colleagues.

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