How To Create GTA Online Private Session (Ultimate Guide)

If you are interested in knowing how to create or join a private lobby in GTA 5, or even play alone then you have come to the right place. We have summarized all the necessary information in this article that will be helpful for you.

So, this thought must have come across your mind that why would anybody play solo in a public lobby, when the whole concept and reality of the game is the capacity to play as rivals.

Notwithstanding, whenever you’ve gone to a public lobby, you will probably perceive the reasons why rapidly and quickly.

As we know that as soon as any new or unique game releases, the trollers are all set to troll it, as they are very well known as the Foe of online games.

All they like to do is to bash the games with their stupid reasons and thoughts, nothing else! The same happened with GTA online also.

Well, this is not the sole basis. Furthermore, Rockstar has been striving to make the game extremely exciting and challenging in money-making so that the players and gamers keep coming back to it and still can’t get enough of it.

But unfortunately, you will not be given the option to do many things and missions. It can be very baffling because you won’t be able to make money from them in the private lobbies.

Fortunately, we will be showing you precisely how you can make it function in various ways. The methods and strategies work for all the players regardless of on which platform they play GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One, or computer.

What is GTA Online Private Or Solo Session?

In case if you are a newbie in GTA Online, then you must try the private lobby as it can be the best option for you to become acclimated to the game.

It will assist you to be safe and protected from the random and constant exploding by various players out there. You can likewise play with other players in a team and also with the buddies list.

In GTA Online, regardless of there is a lot of approaches and methods to develop your criminal domain. But to get the cash, you will have to be in the public session.

Particularly, if you need to do the Motorcycle club business or Bunker Gunrunning. So, if you want to earn loads of money to buy your favorite rides like Terror byte, then you need to apply the given amazing and incredible tricks and hacks.

After that you will be able to create an Online session, play solo, get tons of cash and be a pro in drifting technique.

How to Make a GTA Online Private Session?

The beginning process of the Online session is a bit perplexing, that is why many of you have been battling to discover it on the menu. Don’t stress, just follow the given easy instructions carefully.

Firstly, you need to go to the Story mode in the main menu rather than going to the Online Mode. After that, you need to open the Pause menu and then go to the Online tab.

After doing this, you have to choose the option of Play GTA Online, and then select the options that match your taste and necessities.

On doing this, you will be given different modes to browse from. These include Welcome Only Session, Team Session, Shut Crew Session, Shut Friend Session, and Solo Session.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that the Solo session is only limited with regards to completing the missions and bringing in the cash.

Except that, you will not have the option to purchase or sell items from organizations like Gunrunning, Night club, or CEO work, and so on.

How to make a GTA online Private/Solo Public Session?

It is pretty fun playing alone in the public session, but its chances are very less. However, some shortcuts empower you to play a solo in a public game and win exciting prizes.

You can easily get access to these strategies regardless of the platform or device that you use to play the game.

Modem Cable Unplug

This method applies to all the mediums of playing. To get started with this method, you should have a wired system for excellent speed and minimum lag.

While playing the game, you need to detach the plug and then plug in the cable from the modem to the phone line.

It will seem like that you have a bad network and they don’t want to spoil the other individual’s game so you will end up all alone in the game. Now you can play solo and enjoy.

Cell phone Wi-Fi Hotspot

It also goes with the entire playing medium. To utilize this method, you need to turn on your mobile data and then connect the hotspot with the platform on which you are playing the game.

Then go to the lobby and turn off your mobile data. At this point, GTA Online would perceive that you have a connection problem and automatically put you in a solo game to avoid disturbing the other player’s game. Now you can play your solo game fearlessly!

For Windows PC

Start your game in a public session and then press the Alt and Tab keys together from the keyboard to minimize the game. After that open the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys.

Now look for the More details button or the Performance option and click on it. Then Go to the Open Resource Monitor and then click-right on the GTA5.exe.

After that, click on the Suspended process option, and then after some seconds click-right on the GTA5.exe and then click on Resume process.

It will resume your game and you will end up alone in the lobby.

Another method for the Windows PC is to restart your internet modem. It usually makes you the only player in a public session.

For Play Station 4

Start your game in the public session and from the lobby, you need to open the PlayStation settings. After that click on the Network option and then choose the Custom option.

Here you need to memorize your MTU that you will need later. Then set the MTU to 800. Now go to the lobby and you will see that you are the only one there.

Another method is to change the date and time from the PlayStation settings. You can set the date to a month later. It will lead you alone in the lobby and now you can enjoy the solo game in a public session.

Xbox One

While in the lobby, you need to open the menu and then go to the settings. After that, go to the General Network settings followed by the Test NAT Type.

After the three-round spins of the loading icon, resume your game otherwise you might be thrown out of the game.

Then go to the settings menu and then Test NAT Type and you will be notified that the Game ready for Grand Theft Auto V. Now you can play solo and have fun.

Making Money in GTA Online Private Sessions

Doubtlessly that it is simpler to bring in cash utilizing the above-mentioned method, yet things can get pretty hard when you are granulating for cash all alone. There are other ways of making money in GTA 5, you can also check them.

So, if you are hoping to get tons of money by playing solo or with your friends, then there are some ideal ways that you can follow.

1. Invite Only Session (Solo Player) includes the VIP work, Client jobs for Paige, Extended VIP work, After-hours (night clubs), Casino work, and Motorcycle club. You can earn about $80-150k per hour in solo sessions.

2. Invite Only Session (Two Players) include the VIP work, Client jobs for Paige, Casino work, CEO special vehicle work, MC club challenges, and work. Also you will learn how to become CEO in GTA 5. 

3. Invite Only Session (Multi players) include the MC Club work.

For more help, you can watch the below video. 


We have given a wide assortment of strategies and methods to accomplish all you require to know with regards to playing the GTA Online Private server and earning a lot of cash.

This feature has a separate fan base and players love it. Hopefully, you like it too! Make sure to check it out.

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